Thanks for being an Xploro beta tester!

Usual caveats apply, there’ll be bugs, crashes, cranky faces while while we get this up and running, your patience is appreciated.

Whats New

v0.6.4, 12 Oct

  • God mode no longer requires postcards. It’s more fun with them (and better for big groups), but if you don’t have access to a printer, that’s ok.
  • Crowd folk can be pushed out of the way, won’t block the exits so much
  • FX placeholder when the gods create holes in the floor
  • Network improvements
  • Map layout improved
  • Many material, model, animation updates

v0.5.0, 6 Oct

  • Initial release


Follow this link on your iOS device to install the Xploro app.

If you have a printer, follow this link for the Xploro pdf postcards. If you have an Airprint compatible printer you can print directly from an iOS device, otherwise use a Mac or PC.


Playing as a ‘Champion’

Playing as a ‘God’


Feedback, comments, bugs, please email xploro.utsala@gmail.com