Think ‘Where’s Wally’ meets ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’

Xploro is an educational history game for iOS, which brings together mobile AR technology and spatial multiplayer game-play mechanics.

Designed for children aged 8-12, Xploro was created to fill what was seen as a gap in Australian primary school education by broadening students global historical knowledge in a fun and playful way. Within the game users can travel through portals to historically significant eras and interact with key artefacts. 

The experience is a showcase of high visual quality to a standard expected of students trained in CG animation for film, as well as using emerging real-time technology in a unique and innovative way. In collaboration with The British Museum, Xploro also uses photogrammetry of real life artefacts as a key educational components that the users unlock and study alongside educational content that is filtered and rewritten for primary school children.             

Download Xploro from the app store! Click here.

Download the instruction manual here.


If you have a printer, follow this link for the Xploro booklet. If you have an Airprint compatible printer you can print directly from an iOS device, otherwise use a Mac or PC.


Playing as a ‘Champion’

Playing as a ‘God’


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