Imagine being embraced by a beautiful world, a place to relax, explore and create the environment around you…

TerraChi is an interactive VR experience that transports the user to a beautiful and serene stylised world, where Tai Chi inspired moves and biometrics allow the user to influence the world around them.  

Guided by the Fox Master, the user learns the fluid full-bodied movements that represent each of the five elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Wood. These movements allow the user to grow trees, create fire balls, manipulate water, incite fireworks and shape the earth. There is also the ability to interact with a number of the island’s animal inhabitants whilst practicing and perfecting the Tai Chi inspired movements. TerraChi presents an enticing and aesthetic VR experience; a user-driven adventure for all skill levels and a place to relax.

TerraChi was developed using Unity game engine and utilises advanced artificial neural network to detect five unique movements using the HTC Vive VR’s hand controllers. In addition to the neural network movement system, TerraChi detects the breathing of the participant and realises it in the virtual world through responsive wind effects.

Available on the HTC VIVEPORT Store

Terrachi is free to play and available for download from the HTC Viveport store: https://www.viveport.com/apps/3af1eced-e3ab-4952-9eb0-7c009fa04a58/TerraChi/

You’ll need a HTC Vive or newer headset and a VR compatible gaming computer.