We recognise that there is raw and untapped creative and technical talent from other states and regional areas all around Australia. We would love to have you join the masters students next year as they learn to specialise in 3D animation production, in order to land great professional roles in studios like Flying Bark, ILM, Plastic Wax, Luma Pictures, Like a Photon, Future Associates, Animal Logic and many more.

The animation and visual effects industries are booming, and studios all around Australia are looking for highly skilled graduates with collaborative large scale team experience working on high-end 3D animation projects, which is what we focus on teaching at the Animal Logic Academy.

Charlie Hocroft moved from Toowoomba in Southern Queensland to Sydney to study at the MAV because of the unique opportunities it offered. Charlie got his first job as a Junior Layout artist at Flying Bark and is now at Animal Logic.

“There are little education and career options for my field of study in Toowoomba, and I found that the MAV provided the exact things I was looking for in my professional life. It was hard to uproot myself, but it was definitely worth it to pursue my life dreams. And it absolutely worked out well for me! I feel so lucky being able to work at a job that I love surrounded by like-minded people every day, and I definitely would not have been able to do that without taking the chance and moving down to Sydney to study at ALA!”

Charlie Hocroft, Junior Layout Artist at Animal Logic

Robbie Beresford moved from Perth to participate in the MAV, after completing studies in music, digital media and screen media in W.A., he was selected for the Screen NSW traineeship program and now works as Junior Rigging Artist at Animal Logic.

“I found out that there was a lot of support for UTS students living away from home. I flew interstate just to participate in the MAV’s info night. I got a great understanding of how passionate the people who teach there are, and clarity on how I could support myself while living alone in Sydney as a student. I knew that the MAV was perfect for me. Moving to Sydney gave me a great sense of independence that I didn’t have before. Throughout my time studying, it was reassuring to know that I had tons of support and people to speak to if I had any worries.”

Robbie Beresford, Junior Rigging Artist at Animal Logic

Samantha Sheppard moved from Melbourne to join the MAV in 2021 after completing a Bachelor of Animation from Swinburne University.

“I wanted to improve my technical abilities so that I was better prepared for entering the film and animation industry. The MAV seemed the best learning experience to achieve this goal. I was able to gain real production experience in a collaborative environment under guidance from Leads who were able to provide us with crucial feedback to enhance our work and critical eye. I have been able to improve my practice of 3D modelling and UV techniques as well as explore new software, emerging technologies and industry standards. It was amazing to be in a cohort of passionate and like-minded peers, each specialising in their own department and being able to help each other with specific tasks. I feel the MAV experience has not only prepared me to transition into the workplace confidently, but enabled me to grow a fantastic new network alongside encouraging me to continue my self-directed learning journey.”

Samantha Sheppard, recent MAV graduate

Now moving to Sydney to complete your masters and accelerate your launch into the animation and visual effects industries has been made easier, with our industry partner Animal Logic offering a scholarship of $18,000 that can be used for re-location and/or living expenses (or to put towards your tuition fees) while you focus on our immersive studio, project-based masters course. Scholarship applications close on the 6 December 2021, so apply today.

Late Applications for the Master of Animation and Visualisation for 2022 are now open until mid January. Course start is the 31 January 2022.